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Leading Leaders


Now is the time to refocus and align your leadership priorities? Leadership retreats are designed to inspire leaders to assess needs, self-reflect, and plan with teams to transform organizations. 

ImagineThat! provides an opportunity for leaders to discover and learn in a non-threatening team environment where they collaborate, discover, and create actions to improve organizational outcomes.


Choose one of two format options, on-site format, for a full day of learning, or attend one of our  3-day weekend retreats, to transform leadership behaviors. You won't leave the same.


The leadership team will participate in “Leadership Therapy,” an opportunity to experience team-building exercises, and discuss current challenges and expectations, along with affirmations and next steps. This session will build camaraderie and open the door to allow staff to become vulnerable and build trust. 

Meet other engaging leaders. Share thoughts and ideas you can use immediately when you return to your organization.

(Data, Narrative, Action)

What story does your data tell? Are all of the numerous data points just too overwhelming? Does you do a great job collecting data, but you're not quite sure how to use the data to promote change? Does reviewing your data leave you asking the question “Now what?” Are you struggling with how to use data points to tell your organization's story? You will be motivated to dig deeper into your data in an effort to tell the real story. Let us help you discover a creative way to look at data so that you may share your story and use your data to take action.  Let’s explore the real story that data has to tell. Imagine That!

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