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The Imagine That! Model

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Phase I

360 Analysis

The organizational leader will receive an Appraisal 360 account to identify employees that will participate in the online questionnaires within a 5-day time frame. Strength and weaknesses reports will be shared and discussed with leadership. An end-of-year survey may be conducted to receive feedback from staff and leadership.

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Phase II

On-Site Observation

Full-day visit(s) to the organization to shadow and observe the organization’s culture. Each visit may have a different focus to improve organizational outcomes. A debrief session will take place at the close of the observation visit. 

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Phase III

Executive Coaching

Monthly the executive coach visits virtually for 60 min with the leaders of the organization to review engagement, expectations, and action steps. ITC will develop a coaching plan during the first session and progress monitored throughout the year. 

360 Analysis
Experience Walks
Executive Coaching
Leadership Therapy

Suppport for Leadership Teams

High Fives

Sr. Teams

Leadership Therapy

The entire staff will participate in “Leadership Therapy,” an opportunity to experience team-building exercises, discuss current challenges and expectations, along with affirmations and next steps. This session will build camaraderie and open the door to allow staff to become vulnerable and build trust. 

Support Group

All Teams

Leadership Retreats

Leaders will participate in problem solving activities, psychosocial relationships, collaboration, and expertise from other leaders all guided by experienced proven leadership coaches. This individualized approach is informal and confidential in an effort to focus on self-improvement in all areas of themselves. 

Office Coffee Break

All Teams

Equity through Excellence

Many face horrific challenges daily but are still expected to excel in the classroom. If excellence is to be achieved, equality alone is not enough. Participants will delve into understanding the difference between equity and equality; examine current leadership practices and reflect with other professionals on equity in education. Imagine that!

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